Avoid Being a Victim to a Car Break-in

January 5, 2021

With the holidays approaching and a new year in full force, we wanted to the opportunity and remind everyone to be careful of their surroundings. Crime is and will always be an issue to deal with. With COVID-19 having to close down several businesses, people are out of work and could be looking for easy targets to make a gain off of.

Here are some tips that can help you stay ahead and safe.

  • Do not leave valuables in your vehicle
    • Having your valuables left in your vehicle makes it a priority for thievery and becomes an easy target. Always remember to clear out your car whenever you reach your destination. Valuables could be stolen with a simple lock pick or window shattering. A list of items to never leave behind can include:
      • Expensive Speakers
      • Jewelry or Sunglasses
      • Purses
      • Wallets
      • Cell Phones
  • Park Somewhere safe
    • The best place to park your vehicle is in your garage. Garage parking not only protects you from theft but also harsh weather conditions. If you don’t have instant access to a garage, maybe think about having a camera installed monitoring your driveway just for reassurance or even parking at a place that’s in an area that is well-lit.
  • Always lock your doors
    • At times, we get so busy that we forget to do the simplest things, like locking our car doors. Prior to entering your house, always remember to click that lock button a time or two.
  • Report suspicious activity 
    • If something feels completely off about the area of your surroundings, take note of who and what is around and then report it to the police. Reporting the activity could be what keeps both you as well as your neighbors safe.