Be Prepared for Freezing Weather

February 10, 2021
Filed Under: Blog

Freezing temperatures are expected to hit the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area this week. We wanted to provide you a list of things to check and maintain during these chilling days.

  • Unhook any outdoor water hoses to your faucets.

  • Wrap outdoor pipes and faucets with newspaper, foam, rags, or other insulating material.

  • Check hardware stores for insulation products that fit over outside water faucets.

  • Open doors under your sinks to provide warm air circulation.

  • Circulate the water in your home by dripping at least one sink.

  • Keep the temperature in your home in a warm setting.

  • If a leak is detected inside the home, shut off the water to the house immediately to prevent further damage and contact your plumber.

  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney

  • Stock up on supplies such as; firewood, batteries, and candles

Downloading The Weather Channel app could be a great resource to have. The app can be found in the Apple app store and the Google Play store.

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