Capturing Kids’ Hearts: RCISD’s Program for Teacher and Student Success

March 21, 2018

“It makes each and every kid feel like they mean something.”

– Abby, 6th Grader, Ruth Cherry Int.

A program called Capturing Kids’ Hearts is thriving across Royse City ISD. Staff at all campuses are trained in ways to build positive relationships with students.

From daily handshakes and high fives, to a real interest in students’ lives, the program exists to make sure children K-12 know they are cared for and loved.

Watch this video for more information or click here.

Schools that implement this program’s processes report:

  • Strengthened student connectedness to others by enhancing healthy bonds with teachers.
  • Consistent rules of conduct with reduced disciplinary escalations and referrals.
  • Dramatic reduction in truancy and dropouts.
  • Reduction of negative behaviors such as isolation, violence, early sexuality, and substance use.
  • Significant improvement in student academic performance.
  • District-wide improvements in test scores.
  • Higher rate of job satisfaction among teachers.
  • Increased teacher retention and improvement in teacher recruiting.


For more information about RCISD and the different schools located within the school district, please visit the RCISD website.



Source: Flippen Group

Source: Royse City ISD