What Is Texas Known For? 8 Iconic Traits It’s Famous For

September 12, 2023

Texas boasts renowned personalities, memorable experiences, iconic landmarks, and unmatched state pride. If we had to narrow down a few defining features that make Texas famous, they would include its vastness, distinctive cuisine, rich history, and a strong sense of pride. Here are eight of my favorite things Texas is known for that draw 250 million visitors to the state each year.

Texans Love Their BBQ

Brought to central Texas by German and Czech settlers, this meat-smoking tradition has been a staple in the state since the mid-nineteenth century. So much so that each different geographic region within the state has its own twist to it. In the East, the ribs are marinated in a tomato-based sauce and slowly cooked over hickory wood. You can expect the meat to fall off the bone when you bite into it. Out in the West, ribs are instead cooked over a direct flame from mesquite wood, leaving you with a hint of bitterness on your tongue. Central Texans prefer the ribs to be cooked over an indirect flame from oak or pecan wood and rubbed with spices. Finally, down South, the style features thick sauces that leave the meat very moist. You will be tempted to taste every type and then engage in the lively Texas BBQ discussion with your own opinion on which is the best!


Texans love their football so much that they have two NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans. In Texas, it is not uncommon to see $30 million spent on a high school football stadium that fills up with 40,000 fans for a playoff match. In addition, consider the great rivalries among historic college teams like Texas A&M, TCU, SMU, Baylor, and Tech.

The Massive Size

As the second-largest state in the United States in both population and mass, the state is twice as big as Germany or Japan and encompasses over 268,597 square miles. If Texas were a country, it would be the 40th largest in the world in terms of land size. Texans also live up to the expectation and love to wear everything big, such as big belt buckles, big hairstyles, and big boots. The vastness of the state and the bold demeanor of some of its residents gave birth to the saying ‘Everything is bigger in Texas.’ Notably, even the state’s capital building outdoes the United States Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in size.

The Intense Heat

With about 17 Texan cities listed among the 50 warmest cities in the country, Texas is one of the hottest states in the United States. During the peak of summer, the maximum temperature can skyrocket up to 38 degrees Celsius in places like the Rio-Grande Valley. However, the state actually varies in climate as the eastern half is subtropical and humid while the western half is semi-arid. This is because the Gulf Coast introduces sea breezes and humidity to the east, yet this moisture dries up as it reaches the extensive desert regions in the west.

World’s Capital of Live Music

Over the years, country music has blended outlaw country with traditional country sounds, evolving its very own musical genre. The idea behind the lyrics of the songs usually revolves around the struggle of a working man and those that touch on local tradition and nature. Known as the Live-Music Capital of the country, Austin, Texas has more live-music venues per capita than any other state! From country to jazz, to blues to indie rock, you can always find your favorite music in any of the various venues every night.


When one thinks of Texas, the image of cowboys and everything that comes with it often emerges first. Texas culture and tradition are deeply intertwined with the legends and symbols of cowboys. They represent adventure, bravery, and an independent man who embodies many of the values foundational to the United States. Texas, especially San Antonio, is considered the cradle of American cowboy heritage. This encompasses aspects such as rodeos, country music, bull riding, and rope steering, all tracing back to the time of the ‘vaqueros’ on the mission ranches when Spain ruled Texas. The cowboy spirit still remains alive today. It is still possible to experience it in historic dance halls of Texas Hill Country and across the state’s ranches. There are tons of opportunities for tourists to immerse themselves in this authentic Western atmosphere and heritage.


Cattle ranching has its roots in the Spanish era when Spain established missions with soldiers, priests, colonists, and 4,800 Spanish cattle. It became a cornerstone of the state’s economy, which forged the traditional image of the Texas Cowboys. Today, ranching remains a pivotal aspect of the state’s economy, contributing around $10 Billion. Texas also stands as the premier beef cattle producer in the US, boasting close to 250,000 ranches and farms. Among these, considered the biggest ranch in the world is King Ranch. It is so big that it spans over 825,000 acres of South Texas, a vastness that exceeds that of Rhode Island.

Country Music

Cowboy culture has deeply influenced the music scene, leading to the emergence of Texas country music. This genre is best known for blending traditional country sounds with the carefree spirit of outlaw country music. It captures the essence of everyday life and is characterized by clever lyrics and a raw sound. Prominent singers in the industry include Waylon Jennings, George Jones, and Willie Nelson. Meanwhile, contemporary female artists such as Dixie Chicks and Miranda Lambert are also making an impact on country music. Many songs draw their inspiration from cities like Dallas, Austin, and Luckenbach and are written in a way that evokes a sense of nostalgia and celebrates the state’s rich culture.


Texas is a state that boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. It is a remarkable location and an amazing place to live. Looking to purchase a new place to settle down in this beautiful state? Find your new home in Waterscape. Contact us to make the home-buying process a splendid experience for you and your family!